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An internal utility component used to provide interactivity to other components.

This component is intended only for internal Helios use. If you need to use it, please contact the Design Systems Team.

How to use this component

Default use for <button>

When no @href or @route arguments are provided, it generates an HTML <button> element.

The type=“button” HTML attribute is applied to the element by default, but can be overwritten using the “splattributes”.

    your content here (will be yielded)

With @href parameter for <a>

We can’t support direct use of the href HTML attribute because we rely on the @href Ember argument to differentiate between different types of generated output.

Provide an @href argument to generate an HTML <a> link element.

target=“_blank” and rel=“noopener noreferrer” attributes are applied by default. This is the most common case, as internal links are generally handled using a @route argument but can be overridden.

<Hds::Interactive @href="">
    your content here

Adding @isHrefExternal=false

Provide an @isHrefExternal argument to generate an HTML <a> link element without the HTML target and rel attributes.

<Hds::Interactive @href="#your-local-anchor-id" @isHrefExternal={{false}}>
    your content here

With @route parameter for <LinkTo>/<LinkToExternal>

All the standard arguments for the <LinkTo>/<LinkToExternal> components are supported (e.g., models, model, query, current-when, replace). For more details about these parameters see the Ember documentation or the LinkTo component API specs.

For <LinkTo>

Provide a @route argument to generate a <LinkTo> component.

<Hds::Interactive @route="components">
    your content here

For <LinkToExternal>

When the @route is external to the current engine, provide the @isRouteExternal parameter to generate a <LinkToExternal> component. Learn more about LinkToExternal.

<Hds::Interactive @route="components" @isRouteExternal={{true}}>
    your content here

Component API

URL parameter that’s passed down to the <a> element.
isHrefExternal boolean
  • false (default)
This controls if the <a> link is external. For security reasons, we add the target="_blank" and rel="noopener noreferrer" attributes to it by default.
Parameters that are passed down as arguments to the <LinkTo>/<LinkToExternal> components.
isRouteExternal boolean
  • false (default)
This controls if the “LinkTo” is external to the Ember engine, in which case it will use a <LinkToExternal> for the @route.
This component supports use of ...attributes.