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Helios is a flexible, scalable design system built by HashiCorp on the foundations of accessibility, beautiful design, and consistent user experience.

It is used by HashiCorp product teams to design and build the UIs of their customer-facing products.


The HashiCorp Design Systems Team creates and maintains the Helios Design System. This includes the Figma components, web components, documentation, and more. Read through our overview for more details, and to see why adopting the design system is the future for product teams.


It’s important that we stay focused and grounded as a team. Setting clear expectations for both ourselves and our consumers by defining our philosophy and values through our principles help us do just that.


As an open source project, we think a lot about how people can contribute—and there are quite a few ways our consumers at HashiCorp are encouraged to participate. Read our contribution documentation to find the different ways someone could contribute to Helios.

Accessibility statement

Accessibility is not just a requirement, it is a part of our company culture, grounded in our company principles such as integrity, communication, and kindness. Read more about our intentions for an accessible design system in our accessibility statement.

Getting started for designers

Learn how to use our components and other resources by reading our guide to getting started for designers.

Getting started for engineers

While the design system components are conveniently packaged in a standard Ember addon, we still recommend reading through our guide to getting started for engineers to better understand some specific conventions we have put in place to help engineers focus on what is really important in their application, instead of thinking about component APIs.