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Creates visual breaks between different sections of content


Use separators to distinguish between sections on a page visually. Use them sparingly and purposefully to avoid cluttering the UI and distracting users from the main content.


Use to create a clear break between paragraphs, blocks, or sections.

Example of the separator component used correctly between content sections


Don’t use to separate headings and body text. Instead, emphasize hierarchy by using the proper Display font style.

Example of the separator component used improperly, causing clutter and disrupting content flow."


We recommend using meaningful spacing between content elements, allowing users to scan and understand information quickly.

  • Use the 0px spacing option for a tightly integrated layout without any visible gaps between elements.
  • Use the 24px spacing option to visually distinguish between different sections, making it simpler for users to navigate and understand the content.

How to use this component

The Separator renders a thematic break element (also known as horizontal rule, or <hr/> element) with equal top and bottom margins to create space between sections.



The default spacing value is 24 pixels. If you need to use the Separator without margins set @spacing to 0.

<Hds::Separator @spacing="0"/>

Component API

spacing string
  • 0
  • 24 (default)
This component supports use of ...attributes.

Conformance rating


When used as recommended, there should not be any WCAG conformance issues with this component.


If any accessibility issues have been found within this component, let us know by submitting an issue.