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Focus ring

Focus rings display when interactive components are focused by the user. They are vital for communicating interactivity.

How to use this style

We recommend applying the “focus-ring” style to an element using the design token provided as a custom CSS property.

Note that border-radius is not included with this token and needs to be set according to the specs of the UI element. Consider using inherit.

Use the --token-focus-ring-action-box-shadow design token directly in your CSS definitions. Note that it can only be used with the box-shadow property.

.your-selector {
  [...your CSS declarations]
  &:focus-visible {
    box-shadow: var(--token-focus-ring-action-box-shadow);
    border-radius: inherit;

CSS helper classes

The CSS helper class .hds-focus-ring-box-shadow is a wrapper of the design token. It’s likely you’ll need to use this helper class in composition with other classes (instead of directly in a template) because it’s connected to the element’s “focused” pseudo-state.

To use this class, ensure you’ve imported the relevant CSS file:

// for product applications
@import "~@hashicorp/design-system-tokens/dist/products/css/helpers/focus-ring.css";

// for hashicorp developer platform
@import "~@hashicorp/design-system-tokens/dist/devdot/css/helpers/focus-ring.css";


Border radius

no radius
with border radius