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We consider the whole when creating the parts.

  • 01

    Rooted in reality

    We ground our work and our decisions in reality through data and observations.

  • 02

    Guidance over control

    We provide balance between configurability and composability while driving consistency.

  • 03

    Quality by default

    We recognize that we are providing a service and commit to a baseline of quality to provide value and leverage for our consumers. We iterate on features, not quality.

  • 04

    Design in context

    We meet consumers where they are and consider both the current and future context in which they use the system.

  • 05

    Consider everyone

    We take an inclusive approach to our work from the start, considering the context and range of abilities for all customers.

  • 06

    Invite feedback

    We take time to have the right conversations with the appropriate stakeholders, to validate and create trust in the outcome.