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Getting started for engineers

The Design Systems Team maintains design tokens, icons, and components in a monorepo and publishes them regularly to npm.


We provide components as an Ember addon with associated styles written in Sass. By installing the components, you also have access to the design tokens and CSS helper classes.

Install components package

yarn add @hashicorp/design-system-components

Import component styles

You can chose between importing styles as Sass or CSS.


  1. Install and configure Sass to preprocess styles, handle source maps, and include paths in your application.
ember install ember-cli-sass
  1. Use the scss extension to ensure the styles are being preprocessed. For example, you may need to change app/styles/app.css to app/styles/app.scss.

  2. Add the following configuration in ember-cli-build.js to set the number of decimal places and enable access to the design system tokens:

sassOptions: {
  precision: 4,
  includePaths: [
  1. We also suggest adding this configuration in ember-cli-build.js to prevent ember-cli from trying to over-optimize the generated CSS by changing the order of the CSS declarations (reference):
minifyCSS: {
  options: {
    advanced: false,
  1. Add the following line to the main Sass file in your application (for example, in app.scss):
@import "@hashicorp/design-system-components";


Import the CSS by adding this configuration in ember-cli-build.js.


Ensure a box-sizing reset is present

Our component library assumes that a box-sizing reset is applied globally in your application. To ensure components render properly, include the following reset:

*, *::before, *::after { box-sizing: border-box; }


There are multiple ways to use icons in your codebase. We provide icons as an Ember addon and as a generic package that can also be consumed in React applications.

Install icons package

Ember application

yarn add @hashicorp/ember-flight-icons

React application

yarn add @hashicorp/flight-icons

This package can be consumed in React applications via direct import of the SVG file or as a standalone React/SVG icon component.

For more details, examples, and guidelines read the complete icons documentation.


If the Ember components are not an option for your project, you can still use the design tokens to keep in sync with the styles we provide.

Install tokens package

yarn add @hashicorp/design-system-tokens

Import styles as CSS variables

Import design tokens as CSS variables by adding one of the following lines to the main Sass file in your application (for example, in app.scss):

// for product applications (Ember apps)
@import "@hashicorp/design-system-tokens/dist/products/css/tokens.css";

// for HashiCorp developer platform
@import "~@hashicorp/design-system-tokens/dist/devdot/css/tokens.css";

Import styles as CSS helper classes

Import CSS helper classes by adding any of the following lines to the main Sass file in your application (for example, in app.scss).

// for product applications (Ember apps)
@import "@hashicorp/design-system-tokens/dist/products/css/helpers/colors.css";
@import "@hashicorp/design-system-tokens/dist/products/css/helpers/elevation.css";
@import "@hashicorp/design-system-tokens/dist/products/css/helpers/typography.css";
@import "@hashicorp/design-system-tokens/dist/products/css/helpers/focus-ring.css";

// for HashiCorp developer platform
@import "~@hashicorp/design-system-tokens/dist/devdot/css/helpers/colors.css";
@import "~@hashicorp/design-system-tokens/dist/devdot/css/helpers/elevation.css";
@import "~@hashicorp/design-system-tokens/dist/devdot/css/helpers/typography.css";
@import "~@hashicorp/design-system-tokens/dist/devdot/css/helpers/focus-ring.css";

For more examples and guidelines read the tokens documentation.

Browser support

Our styles, components and icons are supported by the following browsers:

Browser Version
Chrome last 2 versions
Safari last 2 versions
Firefox last 2 versions
Microsoft Edge last 2 versions

Code editor setup


We recommend installing the Ember Language Server extension that provides autocomplete, goto definition, and diagnostics for Ember applications and addons, including Helios components.

If you use TypeScript in your Ember application, we also recommend installing the Glint extension that provides improved autocomplete and quick info for components (including arguments), as well as symbol renaming and finding references. We are in the process of converting our components to TypeScript so currently only some of them benefit from these features.